Open Playtime.

Indoor Playground To Explore Our Equipment, Play Safely, Make New Friends And Burn Energy!

With parental supervision, young kids can bounce on trampolines, jump in the foam pit, run, balance, explore – and have tons of fun! Our expansive square footage and weather-proof space, plus endless fun equipment allows young kids to socialize and play with peers, get physical activity, work on coordination and explore new types of play. A commitment-free way to burn some energy at Gymnastics Plus!


Monday - Friday

10:00am - 1:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pn


One hour in the main gym, as well as the Kids Castle is $8.66. Two or more hours of open play in the main gym, as well as the Kids Castle is $17.32.


Punchcards are available for purchase. One-10 punch punchcard is available for $60.00. This punchcard is for one hour visits only.

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